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Snobunje Cobra (1002)

Snobunje Cobra (1002)

$ 79.95 US

Model: 29-1022

Can produce and hold hundreds of pounds of pulling force on a stuck snowmobile.

How do you move a stuck sled?

Answer: Reduce the amount of weight that the track has to move so that the track can hang onto the snow and move the sled.

We do not move the stuck sled when we pull on a ski, THE TRACK MOVES THE SLED!

Using Snobunje Cobra you can create 300 pounds of pulling force

The extended pulling force that these tools can produce allow the track to regain its grip on the snow and move the stuck sled.

Can be used as a snatch strap

  • Creates 300-400 lbs. of static pulling force
  • Comes with 1-Cobra strap #1098 & 2 S-Hook straps #1006

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