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BCA Mtnpro Tunnel Bag

BCA Mtnpro Tunnel Bag

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BCA Mtnpro Tunnel Bag
BCA Mtnpro Tunnel Bag
Keep your airbag on, even when digging out sleds. Your extra shovel and extra gear is accessible and secure in our redesigned MtnPro tunnel bag

With the BCA MtnPro Tunnel Bag, your extra shovel is accessible and secure?along with all your extra gear for an unexpected night out. This low-profile snowmobile tunnel bag includes a breakaway carry strap, external shovel carry, venting system, waterproof interior drybag, drain hole and interior pockets for small items.

NOTE: To prevent interference with the cooling system on the Ski-Doo Rev Gen 4 chassis, the MtnPro Tunnel bag requires an adapter kit for use with the Ski-Doo Linq system.

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