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BCA B-2 Extendable Bomber Shovel

BCA B-2 Extendable Bomber Shovel

$ 46.71 US

Model: C1316SH53010 | MSRP: $ 54.95 US

BCA B-2 Extendable Bomber Shovel
The Backcountry Access B-2 EXT is extendable and comes with the medium sized B-2 Blade. The B-2 EXT is perfect for skiers and snowboarders who do a lot of digging and prefer the comfort and functionality of an extendable shovel.

The 6061 aluminum BCA Bomber shovels feature an oval shaft with a more packable, bombproof, ?ferrule-less? blade, ergonomic grip, and T6 heat treatment. The 2012/2013 Bomber shovels now feature an end cap on the shaft, which prevents snow from building up inside. The Bomber line boasts an off-the-chart strength-to-weight ratio, while taking up minimal storage space in your pack. Don't skimp on your shovel: the excavation process in an avalanche rescue is where the most time can be lost or gained and lives saved.

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