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BCA A-2 Extendable Arsenal Shovel w/Saw

BCA A-2 Extendable Arsenal Shovel w/Saw

$ 76.46 US

Model: C1316SH67010 | MSRP: $ 89.95 US

BCA A-2 Extendable Arsenal Shovel w/Saw
The Backcountry Access Arsenal A-2 EXT Shovel is locked and loaded for safety. With a 28 cm wood/snow saw, the A-2 EXT is prepared to cut both tree limbs and snow blocks with ease. Once the saw is deployed, the shovel is still fully functional.

The 6061 aluminum BCA Bomber shovels feature an oval shaft with a more packable, bombproof, ?ferrule-less? blade, ergonomic grip, and T6 heat treatment. The 2012/2013 BCA Bomber shovels now feature an end cap on the shaft, which prevents snow buildup inside. The Bomber line boasts an off-the-chart strength-to-weight ratio, while taking up minimal storage space in your pack. Don't skimp on your shovel: the excavation process in an avalanche rescue is where the most time can be lost or gained and lives saved.

  • Weight: 1.9 pounds / 30.4 ounces / 880 grams
  • Collapsed handle and shaft length: 17? / 43 cm
  • Extended handle and shaft length: 23.5? / 60cm
  • Assembled collapsed length: 24? / 61 cm
  • Assembled extended length: 30.5? / 77.5 cm
  • Saw blade length: 11.5? / 29 cm
  • Saw total length: 16.25? / 41 cm

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