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Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike Conversion Kits

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    The Mountain Horse Snow Bike conversion kit is the First Ever Snow Bike Kit Designed for the Mountains
    The Timbersled Mountain Horse is a snow bike conversion kit for your dirt bike that can be in-stalled and removed easily to make your bike a 4 season machine. The Mountain Horse is an extreme snow machine that will allow you to go places you have only dreamed of going. From boondocking through the tightest trees, to side hilling and climbing the steepest mountains, to jumping or racing with your buddies. Riding a Mountain Horse is easy to learn and will give you confidence to go places and do things that you would never do on any other snow machine.

    • Kit comes completely assembled and ready to install
    • Complete Kit includes everything needed to convert your dirt bike to a snow bike
    • Standard kit color is satin black. Custom colors are available (call for pricing).
    • Kit bolts to your bike with no modifications (except KTM 690)
    • Note: Most kits require a 13 tooth engine sprocket (see Fit Kit Chart)
    • Complete Instructions Included (approx. 2 hours to install)
    • New > Now Includes a White 3.3 Gal Mountain Addiction Jug & Rack Mount for the Tunnel
    • Full line of add-on accessories available (Cover, Bags, Wheels, Hoist, etc.)

    Approximate Freight Cost for Shipping Your Snow Bike:
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    Continental U.S. $300; AK/Canada $300-$500*; International $600-$1000*
    *Shipping rates are approximate. Should changes in the shipping calulation be necessary,
    you will be contacted via email for your authorization before shipment.

    Which Track Should I Get? Compare Below...
    LT Long Track Mountain Horse Kit ST Short Track Mountain Horse Kit

    The kit offers a 137” long track that is 12.5” wide with 2” tall paddles.

    Without a doubt, the LT (Long Track) kit is the powder shredding king, and it's no slouch on the trail. If you're the type of rider that doesn't want to worry about how deep, how steep, or how ridiculous the terrain is; the 2015 Timbersled Mountain Horse LT is the easy choice.

    This kit provides 20% more traction in deep snow over the ST kit and will give you a more secure feeling on a steep side hill allowing you to handle more extreme situations due to its added traction and longer foot print. The LT kit really shines for cross country riding when mounted to a suitable bike. We recommend that it is used on a 500cc or larger bike.

    New Design Features:
    In previous years the LT kit (137" long track) used the same tunnel as the ST kit (120" long track). New for 2015 the LT kit now has its own longer tipped up powder tunnel that places the bumper and grab handle right where you need it. The LT also offers a unique look all its own, and the new longer tunnel prevents the track from throwing powder forward toward the rider.

    Looks aren't the only changes. Our objectives with the 2015 LT were to have it handle and ride better on the trail than previous years' ST kits, to lower seat height, and to take deep powder and hill climbing performance to entirely new levels.

    The kit includes a 120" long track that is 12.5" wide with 2" tall paddles.

    The ST (Short Track) kit is our standard and most popular snow bike conversion kit. This kit provides the best maneuverability and control for mountain riding along with the best power to traction ratio to utilize the power of a dirt bike in all snow conditions from deep powder to wet spring snow. We have found that the 450cc motocross bikes have the best power to weight ratio out of all dirt motorcycle classes.

    New Design Features:
    The 2015 ST easily sets the standard for high performance mountain riding. For 2015 we gave it more SX (Snow Cross) like handling and suspension. We lowered the seat height and added more available suspension travel; all while improving impressive trail manners. The added suspension travel, enhanced rail design, and new suspension calibrations let the 2015 ST dance through moguls and rip through rough terrain in a more inspiring SX-like manner.

    If you've longed for the nimble performance and fun-factor of an SX kit, combined with the enhanced powder shredding capabilities that the wider mountain track yields; then the 2015 Mountain Horse ST is your kit.

    What is the difference between a snow bike and a snowmobile?
    Riding a Mountain Horse snow bike provides the same enjoyment as snowmobiling but with its own unique characteristics. A bike and a sled can go similar places in the mountains but the bike can take a completely different route. Simply put, a snow bike can go places a sled cannot. A sled can go straight up a hill better than a snow bike because of the horsepower they have, but then they have to come straight back down due to their lack of maneuverability. Sleds are much heavier and have a planted ski stance making them hard to side hill and perform off camber turns, requiring a lot of strength and experience to do this. Snow bikes are about 200 pounds lighter than a sled. When riding a snow bike you balance it upright the same as you would on any bike, but when you stop, it sticks in the snow and holds itself up without having to put your foot down.

    The track and ski are more stable on the snow than the tires are on the dirt, so you are able to travel across the side of a hill as if it were flat ground without worrying about the bike slipping out from under you. When you climb a long steep hill you don't need to go straight up and down several times to make it to the top like you would on a sled. You just take off side hilling and zigzag your way to the top with ease and confidence. You can also stop on the side of a hill, have a look around and then take off again without getting stuck. It is much easier to go where you want on a snow bike.

    Its handling is much more accurate and will fit through tight areas like between trees and across narrow snow bridges. A snow bike also has much more control going down hills than a sled. You don't need to go straight down with the possibility of getting out of control. If it is too steep or has too many obstructing trees to go straight down, you can side hill and do switch backs similar to what you do on snow skis or a snow board. With this technique you are able to stop in the middle of a steep hill if you choose to.

    This amount of control will give you the confidence to safely go and explore areas that you always dreamed of going. On a snow bike you don't have to stay on trails like when riding dirt bikes. Snow biking gives you the freedom to fly through the trees, up and down mountains, across powdery meadows, through ravines and ditches, across creeks, or find fresh tracks no matter how torn up your normal riding area is.

    Read More about The New Design and Enhancements on the Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bikes
    Jug Kit Included with All Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bikes NEW Integrated Jug and Rack System:
    If you have ridden a snow bike in the mountains you know that you have to carry extra gas if you want to insure that you make it back to the truck. The ST and LT kits now come with a Mountain Addiction Jug that is a perfect fit in our newly designed gas-rack that is incorporated into the tunnel. The Jug simply drops in the rack and is held in place with a high quality ratcheting strap that is similar to what is used on a snowboard binding. The system is extremely simple to use making your fill-ups quicker and reduces the risk of losing your can in the back country.
    Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike Tunnel Graphics Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike Tunnel Graphics NEW Tunnel Graphics
    We've designed new graphics to compliment the aggressive new performance levels we've achieved for 2015. During Snow Check, you'll be able to select our standard (shown) or colored graphics to match the brand or decal colors of your motorcycle. Your Mountain Horse has never looked so good.
    Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike - New Lower Seat Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike - New Lower Seat NEW Lower Seat Height and Refined Chassis Angle
    The rear suspension on the 2015 ST and LT kits has been refined and mounted higher in the tunnel to create a lower ride height. The chassis has also been re-engineered to sit at a 4 degree flatter angle putting less weight on the ski, and biasing more weight to the track. This creates more traction, more controlled steering and significantly improves ride quality. It also allowed us to re-design the suspension rails, refine the bump stops, and recalibrate the rear suspension. Incredibly, we were also able to add 12% more available rear suspension travel over previous ST/LT models, all while lowering the seat height.
    Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike Tunnel

    Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike Tunnel

    NEW Tunnel
    The Tunnel top and sides have been completely re-engineered. To accommodate the lower ride height changes, a kick up in the back of the tunnel was added that regains track clearance, puts the grab handle in a more convenient location and brings a new more aggressive look to the Mountain Horse. The side panels have been thoroughly tested and meticulously refined for added strength (both torsional and yield point), structural rigidity, and weight as the primary emphasis.

    The front edges of the tunnel have been trimmed back to let the track paddles absorb impact and clear snow better. This yields better floatation and movement through the snow, helps deflect damaging objects, and provides more clearance for the heels of your boots. Also, because the new kit is so much more rigid, the Mtn. Tamer rear suspension works even better, and gets on top of the powder like never before.

    Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike Drive Bearings NEW Drive Bearings
    The 2015 ST and LT kits come equipped with our new rigid 4 bolt bearing housings and more efficient double row bearings. The engineered rigidity and structure of the new 4 bolt housings combined with other key drive train, side panel, tunnel, chain case cover and frame enhancements to produce a chassis that puts more power to the track and is designed to provide many years of trouble-free service. This structural synergy also keeps the axles in alignment which should provide years of bearing life and rider confidence- especially for those with high horsepower or turbo bikes.
    Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike Drive System NEW Drive System
    The drive axle on the 2015 kits has been rolled forward and up to create higher drive axle ground clearance and to tuck the track farther up under the bike. We have also installed smaller diameter drive wheels to add even more clearance. These changes yield better deep snow performance because the drive wheels are now higher above the snow allowing the bike to have better flotation. The chain tensioner has also been carefully analyzed, tested, and simplified into a stronger single bolt adjuster; making it easier to maintain proper chain tension. The tensioner sprocket location and role have also been re-engineered; and thoroughly tested and proven on both stock and turbo bikes. The drive axle bolts now have fold-over locking tabs that securely lock them in place preventing them from coming loose. This eliminates the need to check tightness of the bolts.
    Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike Chain Cover NEW Chain Case Cover
    The 2015 chain case cover is made from a high impact Nylofiber plastic and bolts around the perimeter with 6 bolts. Internally the cover is designed with a reinforced impact zone around the outer perimeter to make it extremely impact resistant. The new shape of the cover rounds into the tunnel side with no square point. This makes it slither through the snow much smoother and deflect hard objects like rocks and stumps.
    Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike Brake System Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike Brake System NEW Brake System
    The brake system has been refined to create more clearance between the track and brake disc. With the added clearance the disc picks up less snow from the track creating more positive stopping power. Also the brake caliper is mounted lower in the frame creating less snow build up around the brake system.
    Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike Rear Suspension NEW Rear Suspension
    As you may already know the suspension on the Mountain Horse is not snow bike technology but comes from Timbersled's line of aftermarket snowmobile products. The system is called the Mtn. Tamer Rear Suspension System and is truly the reason the Mountain Horse performs so well. Over the past 4 years we have refined the system for the snow bike application with smoother Fox shocks and an articulating front suspension arm that allows you to easily lean on the trail. For 2015 we have modified the front arc of the rails for a flatter track angle that will improve how the bike gets on top of the snow providing better deep snow floatation.
    Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike Ski NEW Ski
    The Timbersled Backcountry ski has been a work in progress since it came out 2 years ago. We have redesigned the outer ski skags to provide more secure handling while cornering on hard packed trails. You can now lean into a corner on the trail and drive through it without the feeling that you need to hang your leg out for balance. The ski simply does not grab ruts and can hold a line on even the hardest trail conditions.
    The Mountain Horse snow bike has the ability to put you in harm's way. Always be aware of avalanche and mountain terrain dangers. We strongly recommend you take a course on avalanche safety, carry the proper equipment and check the reports before you head out.

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