Timbersled Mountain Horse Snow Bike Kits

Status Update: The Timbersled Snow Bike Kits are now SOLD OUT for the 2013-2014 Snow Season.

Kawasaki KX450

The Mountain Horse Snow Bike conversion kit is the First Ever Snow Bike Kit Designed for the Mountains
(Patent Pending).

Riding a Mountain Horse snow bike provides the same enjoyment as snowmobiling but with its own unique characteristics. A bike and a sled can go similar places in the mountains but the bike can take a completely different route. Simply put, a snow bike can go places a sled cannot. A sled can go straight up a hill better than a snow bike because of the horsepower they have, but then they have to come straight back down due to their lack of maneuverability. Sleds are much heavier and have a planted ski stance making them hard to side hill and perform off camber turns, requiring a lot of strength and experience to do this. Snow bikes are about 200 pounds lighter than a sled. When riding a snow bike you balance it upright the same as you would on any bike, but when you stop, it sticks in the snow and holds itself up without having to put your foot down.

The track and ski are more stable on the snow than the tires are on the dirt, so you are able to travel across the side of a hill as if it were flat ground without worrying about the bike slipping out from under you. When you climb a long steep hill you don't need to go straight up and down several times to make it to the top like you would on a sled. You just take off side hilling and zigzag your way to the top with ease and confidence. You can also stop on the side of a hill, have a look around and then take off again without getting stuck. It is much easier to go where you want on a snow bike.

Its handling is much more accurate and will fit through tight areas like between trees and across narrow snow bridges. A snow bike also has much more control going down hills than a sled. You don't need to go straight down with the possibility of getting out of control. If it is too steep or has too many obstructing trees to go straight down, you can side hill and do switch backs similar to what you do on snow skis or a snow board. With this technique you are able to stop in the middle of a steep hill if you choose to.

This amount of control will give you the confidence to safely go and explore areas that you always dreamed of going. On a snow bike you don't have to stay on trails like when riding dirt bikes. Snow biking gives you the freedom to fly through the trees, up and down mountains, across powdery meadows, through ravines and ditches, across creeks, or find fresh tracks no matter how torn up your normal riding area is.

  • Designed to resemble the layout of a snowmobile utilizing some of Timbersled's snowmobile technology
  • Kit bolts onto your bike with no modifications (simply remove and replace parts)
  • Takes about 2 hours to install kit.
  • Snow Bike system comes as a complete assembled unit that is ready to install. Complete installation instruction included!
  • Snow Bike kit is the same for most dirt bikes and uses a fit kit to adapt it to each make and model. This makes it simple to adapt to a different bike.
  • Kits available for late model dirt bikes that are 250cc and larger (450cc recommended)
  • Standard kit color is all black (Custom colors available)
  • Full line of add-on accessories available (Gas can, Cargo bags, Transportation wheels, Lifting jack stand)
Take a look at the Videos of the Snow Bike in Action!

3 Snow Bike Kit Models To Choose From


ST Short Track Mountain Horse Kit
The ST (Short Track) kit is our standard and most popular snow bike conversion kit.

The kit includes a 120" long track that is 12.5" wide with 2" tall paddles. This kit provides the best maneuverability and control for mountain riding along with the best power to traction ratio to utilize the power of a dirt bike as small at 250cc. However we have found that the 450cc motocross bikes have the best power to weight ratio out of all dirt motorcycle classes.

The kit provides plenty of storage space on the tunnel for gas can and cargo bags to pack all your needed gear.

LT Long Track Mountain Horse Kit
The LT (Long Track) kit is the same as the ST but with a longer track.

The kit offers a 137” long track that is 12.5” wide with 2” tall paddles. This kit provides 20% more traction in deep snow over the ST kit and will give you a more secure feeling on a steep side hill allowing you to handle more extreme situations due to its added traction and longer foot print. The down side to having the longer track is that it will reduce the top speed of your bike on the trail by approximately 8 mph. It will also reduce the maneuverability simply because it is longer. The LT kit really shines for cross country riding when mounted to a suitable bike. We recommend that it is used on a 500cc or larger bike.

Note: This kit uses the same length tunnel as our ST kit so it can be converted to an ST simply by purchasing a shorter track and rails.


SX Snowcross Mountain Horse Kit
The SX (Snow Cross) kit is a purpose built kit for snow cross racing, hard pack snow and rough terrain riding.

The kit uses a hard compound 121" long Snow Hawk track that is 10.5" wide (2" narrower than our ST and LT kits) with 2-1/4" tall paddles in the center of the track and contoured down to 1" on the outer edge paddles (meaning the track is rounded like a tire). This works extremely well on firmer snow condition such as trail and track.

Along with the narrower and stiffer track, the sub frame and tunnel is also narrower for a more slim fit on the bike (the tunnel on the SX is about the same width as the bike frame).

The drive axle on the SX is 1.5" higher and 1" farther forward in the tunnel than our ST and LT kits. We were able to do this on the SX kit because of the added space we gained for your feet from it being 2" narrower.

The SX kit is dual suspended; it includes the same track suspension as the ST and LT models along with an additional shock in the Sub Frame/Swing Arm. This adds up to a total of 20" of rear suspension travel. Here is how it works: The secondary suspension pivots from the stock swing arm location. It is operated from a strut rod that replaces the stock motorcycle shock and attaches to a linkage arm that pivots to activate the shock mounted horizontally on the snow bike sub frame at a 4 to 1 ratio. This linkage suspension is fine tuned to work in conjunction with the rear skid suspension. All this adds up to a precision feeling suspension that is very tunable for racing and abusive rough terrain.

KTM 530

KTM 690R

Yamaha YZF 450

Honda CR450

Suzuki RMZ450

Husaberg 570

Husaberg 650

Husqvarna 510

Mountain Horse Kit Construction Details

Mountain Tamer Back Suspension System
The back suspension in Mountain Horse snow bike kit is much like a snowmobile suspension; it moves up and down inside the track and has 13” of vertical travel at the back bumper. It uses Timbersled’s legendary Mtn. Tamer suspension system that we manufacture for mountain snowmobiles. This suspension provides the ultimate control and deep snow traction along with a smooth ride quality. The Mtn. Tamer is truly the ticket to the success of the Mountain Horse design.

The moving motion of the Mtn. Tamer suspension is not a single action movement like on a motorcycle, it is a dual action motion that lets it automatically adjust on uneven terrain by allowing the front and back half of the suspension to move up and down independently as is travels over the bumps maintaining maximum traction on the snow.

The Mtn. Tamer suspension uses 2 precision tuned FOX Zero Pro Shocks with coil springs and internal jounce bumper bottom out systems. The arms are constructed of tig welded 4130 Chrome Molly steel tubing. All moving parts are bushed and all shafts are hard anodized aluminum. The slide rails use snowmobile style hi-fax for easy replacement and include an 8” 2-wheel axle assembly that is adjustable for proper track tension.

The Track
The track on the Mountain Horse forms a 20 degree approach angle in the front; this approach angle allows the bike to continually climb on top of the snow without trenching. It is driven off the front inside of the track. The direction of the rotating torque causes the weight of the snow bike to transfer to the back and onto the track to create more traction from proper weight distribution when on the throttle.

The track is cut flat on top of the paddles, not rounded like a tire. The fiberglass stiffener rods that are molded inside the track are 3" narrower than the width of the track; this allows the outer 1 1/2" of the track to be flexible giving your bike a sweeter roll center making it feel more like a tire. The flat topped track allows your snow bike to stand up on its own when sitting on a flat surface or on the snow without the need of a kick stand. This design also provides the best possible traction in the soft snow.

The track design is a Camoplast Challenger Extreme that is commonly used on snowmobiles. It is a single ply, 2" paddle by 12.5" wide by 2.86 pitch and comes in 2 different lengths: 120" (ST kit) or 137" (LT kit). The track uses an 80 durometer rubber that is stiffer than our original model.

Note: The SX kit uses a different style of track. It is 2" narrower and has a thicker paddle and a harder 87 durometer rubber. The track on the SX is a Camoplast Rip Saw, 1-3/4" paddle by 10.5" wide by 2.52 pitch by 121" long.

The Sub-Frame
The backbone of the Mountain Horse assembly is a uniquely designed, extremely strong tubular sub-frame. It is constructed of tig welded 4130 Chrome Molly steel tubing. The sub-frame bolts to the bike frame in the factory swing-arm location using the stock swing arm pin. Then it is secured with a solid aluminum strut-rod that bolts in place of the factory back shock and down to the snow bike sub-frame. This triangulated structure rigidly connects the snow bike kit to the bike frame making the assembly a single rigid unit (it does not pivot or move like the stock swing arm suspension). All other components of the snow bike kit such as the tunnel, Mtn. Tamer rear suspension and drive system are mounted to the sub-frame.

Note: This is mounted differently on the SX model kit. The SX has a different design sub-frame that is bushed and pivots like the stock motorcycle swing arm. The strut rod pushes on a linkage arm that activates the secondary suspension.

The Tunnel Assembly
The tunnel on the Mountain Horse is 4 piece structure including left and right side panels, tunnel top and bumper. It is bolted to the snow bike sub-frame and houses the Mtn. Tamer back suspension and chain case drive system. All 4 pieces of the tunnel are bolted together making it simple to work on.

The tunnel also provides protection for your feet and gives a place to bolt on accessories such as gas can and cargo bags (for easy install, the top of the tunnel is pre drilled to mount our recommended accessories). Bolted onto the back of the tunnel is a strong 1” diameter solid aluminum bumper handle that makes it easy to lift and handle your bike.

Drive System
The drive system on the Mountain Horse snow bike includes 2 chains. The engine chain comes from the bike sprocket to the jack-shaft on the snow bike kit. The jack-shaft then transfers the drive to the outside of the tunnel; it is built this way because the track is much wider than a tire and the engine chain cannot fit down beside the track. The chain in the snow bike chain case transfers the power from the jack-shaft down to the drive axle that drives the track (this is a similar to a chain case style drive system used on a snowmobile).

The drive system uses the highest quality parts possible that are capable of handling triple the amount of HP and have been tested to have the best wear resistance in wet snow conditions. The sprockets and axles are made from hardened 4140 Chrome Molly steel. The 2 chains are EK 520 SRO-5 O-ring and are both tension adjustable. The axle bearings are the same size as those used in snowmobiles and are greasable for long bearing life. The brake system uses a disc brake on the jack-shaft and a dual piston Wilwood brake caliper that attaches to the stock foot brake master cylinder or can be mounted to the stock R-S hand master cylinder with the use of a longer brake line (available as an accessory item).

Spindle Assembly
The front spindle on the Mountain Horse has a unique structure and mounting method that is extremely strong. The Spindle mounts into the stock axle bolt and includes billet aluminum clamps that mount around the lower section of the fork tubes and to the spindle. This connects the spindle securely to the forks so it cannot rotate.

The spindle is constructed of tig welded 6061 T-6 Aluminum and is designed in a way that is strong enough to handle normal use but will bend before the forks will if you hit something hard like a rock or stump under the snow. In our real-world testing we have experienced no bent forks to date and the spindle has never been damaged to the point of not being able to ride the snow bike out of the back country.

At the bottom of the spindle it has a billet aluminum bottom that is bolted to the spindle and attaches the ski. This part allows the ski to pivot up in the front but not down in the back with a rubber bumper under the ski that resists the movement; this keeps the bike a-float on top of the snow by letting the ski angle up in the front a limited amount.

The Ski
The ski on the Mountain Horse is called the T/S (Timbersled/Simmons) BackCountry Ski. It is a custom designed and built tri-keel ski that is like no other ski in the snowmobile or snow bike industry. It is the only ski in history that is specifically designed for snow biking.

The ski is built by Simmons, Inc. and has been designed by Timbersled. It has some similarities to some of the other Simmons skis but has a totally different function that is specific to the handling needs of a snow bike. It is an all-in-one ski, eliminating the need to change it for different snow conditions (this is something that has been a real issue for snow bikes until this ski was produced).

  • 10" wide with 3 keels that allow for precision handling and best possible flotation in the powder.
  • The center keel is wider, taller and shorter in length than the 2 outer keels with a 6" long skag that allows for easy steering on the trail and a roll center that feels a lot like a tire.
  • Outside keels are only 3/4" wide and are a 1" shorter than the center keel. They are located to the very outer edge of the ski so they provide super secure feeling when side hilling and cornering.
  • 3-1/2" of space in-between keels. This allows enough space to prevent freezing or plugging up with snow.
  • With the combination of the center keel being taller than the outers, when you lean or side hill you are always on 2 keels. This allows the ski to track very straight without darting and provides very easy steering in most conditions.
  • Front outer edge of the ski has a 1/4" tall ledge leading from the front of the outer keels to the ski-loop. This makes the ski respond instantly in soft snow when you steer into a side hill with out slipping out to the side.
  • Front leading edge of the 2 outer keels are farther forward of the leading edge of the center keel. This adds steering responsiveness and eliminates front end push in soft snow.
  • Straight cut grooves in the bottom of the ski that extend full length and are 1/2" apart. This helps with straight line tracking on set up snow conditions such as on the trail and in wet snow.
  • 3 mounting positions for the ski saddle. This allows you to position the ski forward or backward to change the steering characteristics.
  • All 3 ski skags are inserted with carbide down the full length of each skag so they will last a long time. The back half of the skags have 60 deg carbides that stick out for stability on ice and make the ski track straighter.

The Mountain Horse snow bike has the ability to put you in harm's way. Always be aware of avalanche and mountain terrain dangers. We strongly recommend you take a course on avalanche safety , carry the proper equipment and check the reports before you head out.


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