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Between The Lines Designs SlideKicks Snowmobile Ice Scratchers

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    Between The Lines Designs SlideKicks Snowmobile Ice Scratchers

    Note: The New & Improved SLIDEKICKS are now called the Duraflex Ice Scratchers
    Click here to purchase the New Model > DuraFlex Ice Scratchers

    SLIDEKICKS Ice Scratchers by Between the Lines Designs

    The SLIDEKICKS™ are the next generation in ice scratcher design that is both REVERSE-GEAR COMPATIBLE and features REPLACEABLE WEAR POINTS. SLIDEKICKS™ easily bolt-on to provide the cooling and light-weight characteristics you love about ice scratchers combined with the bulletproof durability and universal compatibility that is worthy of your valued investment.

    Reverse Compatible
    SLIDEKICKS™ are made from durable wire rope material that is both incredibly strong and extremely flexible. This allows the SLIDEKICKS™ to bend and flex 360°, whether you are going forward or in reverse. Never again worry about breaking your scratchers.

    Indestructible Design
    The flexible wire rope material contributes to a virtually indestructible design. Traditional scratchers are easily damaged by reverse, stumps, rocks, and off camber terrain. SLIDEKICKS™ flexible design allow them to accommodate any terrain without damage.

    Replaceable Wear Points
    When traditional scratchers wear, your only option is to replace the entire scratcher. SLIDEKICKS™ feature replaceable wear points that can be easily replaced for a fraction of the cost of new scratchers. Although these wear points are made out of durable and long life materials, if they do require replacing, simply unthread the wear point and replace with a new, low cost wear bar.

    Universal Compatibility
    Whether you have a brand new REV or a decade old farm sled, SLIDEKICKS™ are directly compatible. Included with each order are a set of step by step installation instructions. SLIDEKICKS™ are engineered for a quick and easy installation.

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