BOSS Polaris Snowmobile Seat (PRO RMK, RMK, Indy, Dragon, SwitchBack, IQ Shift, RMK Assault)

BOSS Polaris Snowmobile Seat (PRO RMK, RMK, Indy, Dragon, SwitchBack, IQ Shift, RMK Assault)

    Code: mstr-BOSS-CLS-PDGN


    Model: BOSS-CLS-PDGN

    Seats are Available and Ready To Ship!
    Optional: Boss Tail Light - $25.00


    Fits Models: 

    • PRO-RMK, RMK, 2011 - 2013
    • Dragon, RMK 2008 - 2010
    • Indy 2013
    • SwitchBack 2009 - 2012
    • IQ Shift 2009 - 2013
    • RMK Assault 2009 - 2013
    • Seat height is the same as the standard OEM seat

    Top Craftsmanship & Materials! Seats are 100% USA Made!
    The best just got even better with the new BOSS Seat designs. Boss Seats new designs are now 100% USA Made with only the best materials and craftsmanship making this seat an all out winner! Whether you're riding on the mountain, on the trail, or in a competition, the Boss Seat will give you ultimate comfort all day long! Save 'your seat' and ride only with a BOSS Seat!

    Why BOSS Seats are the BEST in the Industry:

    • Achieve overall sled weight reduction!
      BOSS helps you put your snowmobile on a diet and makes it possible to shed some easy pounds. If you're even remotely interested in taking weight off your sled, a BOSS Seat is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to do it. Simply by replacing your stock seat with a BOSS Seat, you can instantly shed as much as 10 pounds!

    • Achieve maximum riding comfort!
      Known throughout the snowmobile industry for their advanced seat foam formula, the BOSS Seat continues to be at the top for seat comfort.

    • 100% Resistant to Water Retention!
      Ever notice how your stock seat has a tendency to soak up more water than a camel? After a few rides, it is not uncommon for your stock seat to soak up several pounds of water. BOSS Seats uses an innovative Vent System to allow your seat to breath - keeping it both dry and light. In addition, BOSS Seat's Patented foam structure uses a close-celled foam that is 100% resistant to water retention. Simply put, your BOSS Seat starts out Lightweight, and its guaranteed to stay that way.

    BOSS Seat Features:

    • All Black Finish with a BOSS Logo
    • HR advanced seat foam formula for ultimate riding comfort
    • Classic Seat offer 5 storage compartments
    • YKK strong water-resistant zippers
    • Fade, fray, & cold-crack resistant material
    • Factory fit and finish
    • Easy step by step installation instructions included.
    • Tail light is optional (customer install instructions included)


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