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BCA Float Cylinder

BCA Float Cylinder

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BCA Float Cylinder
Compatible with all BCA Float Airbag packs
  • 290 ml aluminum compressed air cylinder
  • Filled to 2,700 psi
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds / 650 grams (Full), 1.25 pounds / 567 grams (Empty)
  • DOT, TC, and TUV certified
  • Comes with consumer refill kit (5 o-rings, allen key, vaccum grease, and toothpick) for refilling
  • Refillable at any of BCA's 165 certified refill locations.
  • Shipped full unless requested empty
  • Full cylinder requires additional $27.50 hazmat fee
  • Only compatible with Float Airbag Systems
  • FLA-10010

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